Apple Day 2015 – Loads to do, Fun & Apple-y

What a great afternoon we all had, all with the focus on our extremely locally sourced apples.

Scroll down to bottom to view our lovely slideshow of all the fun that was had.

The children experienced tasting different varieties of apples from the super sweet to sour cooking apple varieties. There was also apple bobbing where the children had lots of fun trying to gnaw at the apples getting drenched faces in the process!

There was also the apple twirling where children could use one of the machines to create a cored, de-skinned and spirraled apple all with the twist of a handle, a very popular niche experience (adults loved it to!)

We also had apples hanging on string that children had to try and catch in there mouth! also loved by all Mr Robinson-Ash even had a try!

Much loved by all we had apple juicing where the children mulched the chopped apples then pressed them into lovely juice whice they all got a try of.

Apple art was also well loved by the children we had a competition (pictures below) for each house group which blue house won! chosen by Miss Mallon!

Thank you to everyone for making this event possible & it was great to see SOOO many people turn out to enjoy one of England’s best types of produce!



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